White and Sparkling Wines

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  • 2018 LAKE ROSÈ

    $10.00/glass | $20.99/bottle | $221.65/case*   A lovely rosé made in a truly classic style, with rosé-pink color lightly fizzy, this wine is practically a Long Island Summer in a bottle. Created from a small lot of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, dry yet robustly fruity. Its flavors are light and hint at watermelon and raspberries with refreshing citrus. An extremely food-friendly wine, try it with simple fish dishes, grilled chicken, pork or even lamb to tuna or a grilled vegetable platter.

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  • 2018 PINOT GRIS

    $10.00/glass | $23.99/bottle | $253.33/case*
    Pinot Gris has been under vine since 2010. We planted just about 2 acres. Utilizing classic methods to produce our Pinot Gris, you will find all of our offerings are crafted to have clean and crisp flavors that respect and authentically portray the varietal.

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    $10.00/glass | $20.99/bottle | $221.65/case*   Unwooded Chardonnay. It’s a light, dry and generous fruit-driven wine; abounding in ripe pineapple, fresh lemon and mineral flavors. The palate displays pineapple and mineral characters with soft creamy finish. This Chardonnay is ideal for salads and appetizers. Pairs well with light pasta and poultry.

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    Won Bronze Medal for the 2019 New York Wine Classic $12.00/glass | $26.99/bottle | $285.01/case*   This wine was fermented in French oak barrels and then aged for ten months, thereby enhancing its drinking pleasure. This wine has a light creamy taste, with nuances of toasty oak and vanilla. It has a long finish with a hint of ripe fruit and spice. Pairs well with seafood and most light fare.

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    $10.00/glass | $23.99/bottle | $253.33/case*   (guh-VURTZ-trah-mean-er) This wine is delicious and fruity, bursting with the aromas of spices and red roses. Lovely to drink on a warm afternoon, this wine pairs well with turkey and rich creamy dishes and spicy food.

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  • 2017 RIESLING

    $10.00/glass | $23.99/bottle | $253.33/case* Luscious crisp with vibrant fruit. This flowery aroma blends into layers of honeydew, melon and peach with bursts of aromatic jasmine. Soft acidity blends with sweetness, adding to its sipping pleasure.

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